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Visit my eBay store to purchase original art
and signed Fine Art Prints (open and limited editions)


Mareen's Art on Apparel at Spreadshirt.com

Visit Spreadshirt.com to buy T-shirts, longsleeves, hoodies, jackets,
children's T-shirts and baby bibs

Here I show you some of the shirts you can find there:


If you are interested in a shirt with one of your favorite artwork of mine which you can't find there yet,
please feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to add it to my Spreadshirt shop with your favorite piece of apparel.

contact: mareen@mareenhaschke.com 



buy unique gifts at Zazzle


This panel shows you an excerpt (the latest additions) of the things you can buy at my Zazzle store.
Greeting cards, stamps, mugs, bags, magnets, stickers, keychains, mousepads and more.

For your information:
Some items in my Zazzle store are rated PG-13 and R,
so you won't probably see everything I have in store (re.: nudes and mermaids/semi-nudes) unless you sign in.
Make sure that you select PG-13 or higher (maturity level you would like visible to you) in your account settings.
Then you should be able to see all available items.

I think it is cool: I have nude artwork on morphing mugs. Those mugs are black as long as they are cold.
Filled with hot tea or coffee or whatever the mugs turn white and - voilą, the nude artwork will be visible.
Don't believe it? - Go check it out. ... Those mugs are real.


These are a few examples you will find at my CafePress.com store:

Dog T-shirts, journals, throw pillows, tile boxes, tile coasters, tracksuits, shirts, magnets, mugs, etc.
Note: For the time being this store has a very limited range of products.



Visit my ArtistRising Gallery (brand of Art.com) for Posters, framed or unframed.
Sizes: 10" x 8", 20" x 16" and 24" x 20"


This is one of the posters you can buy there.




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