My History



I was born in Berlin (Germany)
and today I am a fulltime freelance artist.

During my one year stay in the United States in 1991/1992
I intensively worked on my drawing skills,
inspired by my great art teacher at Apopka High School in Florida.

After my vocational training in Berlin, occupation as bilingual secretary,
and starting a family life I have discovered my interest in drawing again.

I have begun drawing with a pencil and then moved on to charcoals,
sanguine crayons and last but not least to pastels.

In spring 2006 I have begun painting with acrylics.
My very first acrylic painting was created in April 2006
and is called "Of the Sea",
inspired by the meaning and origin of my name.  

I have been selling my art on eBay since 2006.
At this time I discovered those miniature artworks
called ACEOs (Art Cards Edtions & Originals).

These little Art Cards measure 2.5" x 3.5" only.
Now I am creating such little pieces of art as well.
It is helping me to improve my painting technique
regarding small details which I can very well use
for my larger paintings, too.

So far I have sold paintings to Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan,
Malta,  Spain, United Kingdom and the USA.

Some of my artworks have been displayed during exhibitions in
Berlin, Florence and Venice.

Pictures of the exhibitions  

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